Homechecking volunteers needed to help animal rescues around the UK

Before an animal can be adopted from an animal rescue, a homecheck is usually done on the home of the prospective adopter.

Rescue staff or volunteers visit the home of the adopter to check the home is suitable for the animal they are hoping to adopt in terms of space and safety, and also to chat with the adopter about their previous animal experience and the adoption process.

We need more people volunteering to help rescues with homechecking in their local area.

Need some experience?

If you have no previous experience of homechecking for rescues, we may be able to help you get some practice by organising a tag-along with an experienced homechecker in your area.

If you’re completely new to homechecking we recommend tagging along on at least a couple of homechecks before going solo.

Rescues will normally provide a list of questions or topics to discuss with the adopter, and some requirements to look out for, for example – outdoor areas and garden fence height – this is usually important for a home wanting to adopt a dog as many rescues have a requirement that the home has a secure outdoor/garden area)

If you’d like to sign up as an animal rescue homechecker please come and join us today!

*It’s completely free and your personal details will not be shared or sold with any third parties

Got any questions about homechecking for animal rescues? Feel free to ask…

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  1. To everyone who has commented and not yet had a reply – thank you so much for your interest! We are truly grateful. I have struggled to keep up with replying to comments here on the blog lately so do feel free to visit our forum – http://forum.RescueHelpersUnite.co.uk and post there where there is an active community and more people available to answer your queries. Please do get involved! Thanks =)

  2. i live in grangemouth and i’m looking to volunteer to help training dogs for rehoming, walk and rescue dogs even helping at shelters if i can. i work as a coach driver so hours can be hard to find through the summer but i am looking to help as much as i can.

  3. Dear Volunteering With Animal,
    I am Callan Taverner a student from Great Baddow High School and the class I am in are doing a project about animals. We would love to come and help at a Essex Based Rescue Centre.
    We would like to learn about the animals and how to look after them too. The project is for our GCSE the name of the project is Animal 101 @ Baddow. Have you got any videos or flyers you could to help learn about what you do.
    Would you be able to help us.
    Kind regards Callan Taverner

  4. I have a couple of free days in the week and could do home checking/transporting I have just registered who could help me arrange to tag along a couple of times?

  5. Hi,

    I live in Buckinghamshire and am really interested in doing some hands on volunteering, such as dog walking, socialising etc. As I don’t have access to a car it is difficult for me to do homechecking etc. How do I find out if there is anything in my area, and would this be something I could get involved in?

    Thank you in advance,


  6. Hi,

    I am a pet lover and have had dogs in the family, most of my life (Im 51 yrs), I am now retired and would welcome the opportunity to rehome dogs with new owners and I was reading your “checking homes for adoption) – this sounds very worthwhile. I live in Lenzie, Glasgow – would you be looking for volunteers in this area?

    • Hi Elizabeth, apologies for my delay replying.

      Volunteers who can help with homechecking and transporting are really vital to many of the rescues we work with. Due to the number of animals needing homes, many rescues rehome outside of their local area to homes all over the country, so we tend to get requests for help in most areas, although some areas are busier than others. There’s also lots of other ways to get involved to help rescue animals such as fundraising, raising awareness etc. – these things are really important too and can be done from any location.

      Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you’re interested please do come and register on the forum – http://forum.rescuehelpersunite.co.uk

      Thanks :)

  7. hello Im doing an animal care level 2 and i need work experience i would love to do home checking please let me no if there anything i can do to help.


    • Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your interest. Homechecks are one of the things rescues are most crying out for so your help would be greatly appreciated! There may also be rescues in your area that could use some hands-on help that might be good experience for your course. If not already registered please come and join us http://forum.rescuehelpersunite.co.uk/

  8. Hi Pascale, thanks for your interest :)

    There’s lots of ways to help and many of our volunteers also work full time (myself included!)

    Homechecking and transporting are the most popular types of volunteering for people who work full time as they can be done as one-offs and on weekends/evenings/whenever you are available.

    It really depends on what you’d like to do. If homechecking/transporting/fostering isn’t for you there’s also other things you can do such as fundraising and online volunteering, crossposting appeals and animals needing homes, working on websites, posters etc. or even hands on help with animals like dog walking or socialising, taking photo’s of animals to help rehoming and things like that.

    I hope this is of interest to you. Feel free to get in touch if you have any other queries or come and join us: http://forum.RescueHelpersUnite.co.uk

    Thanks :)

  9. I love animals and I’m looking for ways to make a difference and be useful. I’m not sure how I could help as I work full time, please let me know what’s expected from your volunteers!


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