Volunteer animal fosterers needed to help UK animal rescue animals

We need volunteers to help UK animal rescues with fostering dogs, cats and small animals that are awaiting their new ‘forever homes’.

Many animal rescues in the UK are small organisations that use foster homes to care for their animals until they are adopted. Some of these organisations don’t have premises of their own, so they rely on their foster carers to help them with the animals they’re rehoming.

Rescue animal fostering is a very rewarding way to help rescues. It basically involves the day to day care of the animal including any walking/exercise required and giving the appropriate food and water.

We desperately need more volunteers to help with animal fostering, in particular dog fostering and cat fostering, because unfortunately the UK’s dogs and cats are being overbred meaning there are many many thousands of them waiting for their new forever homes.

If you’d like to sign up as an animal fosterer please come and join us today!

*It’s completely free and your personal details will not be shared or sold with any third parties

Got any questions about fostering for animal rescue? Feel free to ask…

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  1. To everyone who has commented and not yet had a reply – thank you so much for your interest! We are truly grateful. I have struggled to keep up with replying to comments here on the blog lately so do feel free to visit our forum – and post there where there is an active community and more people available to answer your queries. Please do get involved! Thanks =)

    • Teddy is a 3yr old miniature poodle looking in desperate need for temperary home because we are in temperary accommodation and pets aren’t allowed. He is very gentle and loves human contact. He is very good with kids and friendly. I am willing to make a monthly payment towards his feed and all his vets fees. He is also neutered. Please can anyone help as we might loose him and that will break my daughters heart.

  2. Hi my daughter is 12 and would love to help animals she is mad about them. With my guidance and help could she register in Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire to foster small pets?

  3. I am 13 and would love to foster a small animal such as a hamster or rabbit. A dog or cat would be impractical as we have both.

    My family have experience with elderly animals as we had a dog who lived to 16 and her medical problems were quite extensive.

    We have a long garden and a hutch that would house a larger animal. Five hens and a rooster live on the yard at the end and the dog has the part closest to the house so the lawn in the middle is animal less.

    Behind our giant garden is a load of allotments where a rabbit or guinea pig could go for a short walk.

    No one is home generally between 8:30 and 3:30.

    Do you think fostering is a good thing for me an my family to do

  4. Hello, I am just writing to ask for a little more information about the fostering process. I am a part time primary school teacher. I am 23 and currently living with my parents and brother. My brother has a large dog, who is coming upto a year old, and there is also a small dog coming upto 11 months old in my home. I was wondering about fostering smaller animals, possibly even birds. My father has a collection of canaries etc, so I have been raised with birds throughout my life. will any of my lifestyle prove to be a hinderance to my wish to foster?

    • Teddy is a 3yr old miniature poodle looking in desperate need for temperary home because we are in temperary accommodation and pets aren’t allowed. He is very gentle and loves human contact. He is very good with kids and friendly. I am willing to make a monthly payment towards his feed and all his vets fees. He is also neutered. Please can anyone help as we might loose him and that will break my daughters heart.

  5. hi my name is ella-brooke and I am interested in animal fostering and when I am older I would like to be a vet. with the help of my step-dad. I have a loving dog and two cats but I have had rabbits and guinea pigs before they have been fine. I am willing to take on any animal that is in danger, in need of assistance and in need of a loving and caring friend

    so please help
    thank you

  6. Hello I am 16 years old and have left school. I am wondering if I am old enough to volunteer?
    Thank you
    Holly peek

  7. Hi, I’m 13 years old and in the next year or two will nearly definitely be interested in fostering. I will want to foster small animals as my Dad has allergies to cats and dogs. In the past I have had a cat, dog, 6 hamsters, two rabbits and 3 fish. I have a few questions, if that’s ok:
    1. Do you need experience with that specific animal?
    2. What is the approximate time you will be fostering each animal for?
    3. Do you provide the housing, food, toys etc. ?
    Thank you very much.

  8. Hello, I am 70 years of age fit and healthy at the moment. I lost my lovely hubby last lear and then lost my beautiful ginger cat last April. I want to become a foster volunteer with a view to adoption, as knowing how I am with animals I would probably keep them after a while. Anyway I would be only too happy to use my own funds to feed anf look after them, the only thing I would be not be able to undertake would be vet fees while fostering. I have a nice garden and not on a main road but do have a road outside which is not busy only in the morning and evening. I would be willing to take small dogs but probably could not handle a large dog on a lead if it pulls. I walk every day as I do not drive and have to rely on buses so a small dog would be ideal as I could take it with me when I go to Barry, Porthcawl, etc for the day. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Mrs D Meah.

    • Hi Mrs Meah,

      Thanks for deciding to foster, it sounds like you will be perfect for it! Please come and sign up on our forum at and then we will contact you whenever a rescue requests fostering in your area, or you can view the ‘fostering needed’ section and find an animal that would suitable for your home and lifestyle. You can also take a look at our animal rescue directory and contact rescues in your area direct. Here’s a list of rescues in Wales:

      Any Vets fees are usually taken care of by the rescue, and it’s very kind of you to offer to pay for the feed your foster animal, this is a great help to rescues as these small expenses really add up.

      Good luck with fostering, I hope you can get started soon, there’s so many animals in need. If you need any help registering on the forum or any more information about fostering please feel free to get in touch.

      Rescue Helpers Unite Admin

  9. I am 14 years old and am interested in fostering a cat as a part of my Duke of Edinburgh award Bronze ( I was wondering if i would be acceptable as an animal fosterer. I have several pets of my own (dogs, cats, guinea pigs and ducks) and have plenty of experience with looking after animals (as do the rest of my family). I would love to be able to look after rescue animals as animals are a big part of my life and i am used to the difficulties that they can present. Thank you

    • Hi Jo, well done for your enthusiasm! It’s really nice to see young people wanting to volunteer. Obviously some rescues may have concerns with younger volunteers (usually because of insurance I think) but if you can get an adult to accompany you I think you should go for it, many rescues would welcome the help!

      Check out our animal rescue directory and see if there’s any rescues in your area that you can contact direct (you can search by county using the dropdown menu on the left) or if you can’t find any rescues listed there feel free to come and post on our forum, let us know what county you are in and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with a rescue – (if you don’t want to register an account you can just post in the guest area)

      Rescue Helpers Unite Admin

  10. Hello, I live in Cheshire with my parents (im 22) and i’d love to foster dogs. I had a gorgeous Labrador who passed away 2 years ago now, and i’d love to give some love to animals who really need it. Could you let me know what I need to do?

  11. I would like to foster dogs. I am married and I have a male dog who is 11 months old and I have 2 children aged 9 and 10 years old. I would prefer to foster a dog aged between 1 month to 2 years old. would that be a problem that I would prefer a age limit. How would I go about becoming a foster home. I would really like to help a homeless dog. I live in the Gloucestershire area. Thank you

  12. Hi, could you send me some information on fostering a dog/puppy please. Its always veen an interest of my family and now im not employed i have spare time at home.x

    • Hi Stacey, Sorry for the delay replying (I don’t seem to be receiving notifications when we get a comment, will see what I can do to fix that)

      Every rescue will have it’s own policy but in general yes all expenses can be paid by the rescue. A lot of the time fosterers are happy to pay for the food costs but you would prefer the rescue to pay just let them know when you offer to foster and they should be able to give you more info on whether they can do this.

      Thanks for your interest! If not already registered please come and join us

  13. We are interested in fostering a cat with her kittens but we have a puppy who is nearly a year old, would this be a problem?

    • Hi Annie,

      It may not be a problem, it depends on how the pup is with the cat/kittens. If he/she is good with them it may turn out to be a good thing as they can be socialised together. Or alternatively, would you be able to keep them separate? That would then at least be safe. Whatever happens, always discuss it with the rescue and make sure they know the situation. Feel free to get in touch with any other queries or post on the forum where there’s lots of experienced rescuers who can give advice:


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