Animal Rescue Directory

Animal Rescue Directory

directory_screenie_smlVisit our Animal Rescue Directory to find an animal rescue in your area.

There you can search UK animal rescues by:

  • Animal type
  • Location – county
  • Breed (dogs)

You can find an animal rescue in your area and contact them direct to enquire about volunteering with animals.

You can also sign up at Rescue Helpers Unite so that you will receive notifications whenever animal rescues request help in your area.

Become an animal rescue volunteer today – it will change your life!

13 thoughts on “Animal Rescue Directory

  1. Hi :) I’d like to donate a few hours a week to working with animals at a local animal rescue. I’m currently living and studying in Aberdeen. Please let me know if I can be some help!

  2. I am currently trying to get paid work but am happy to volunteer i am a spiritual healer who has had good results with cats in particular who are nervous and have helped to foster a cat who was a stray and was not happy to be handled, and was a biter , he left me calmer and was refostered as i live by a main road, he came through my window and stayed for two months, I live in Bristol

  3. To everyone who has commented and not yet had a reply – thank you so much for your interest! We are truly grateful. I have struggled to keep up with replying to comments here on the blog lately so do feel free to visit our forum – and post there where there is an active community and more people available to answer your queries. Please do get involved! Thanks =)

  4. Hey! Very keen to find opportunities in and around Cheshire (within easy driving distance of Chester). Ideally would like to gain relevant experience to support applications as an RSPCA Inspector, so hands on animal role would be essential. I have a full driving licence but not a lot of money so I would like to find something not too far away, I have already looked at the RSPCA website and they appear to only have roles in receptionist types jobs and its animal experience that is key. If you could have a look and see if there are vacancies I’ve been unable to detect through the help of google, I’d be very grateful if you could forward on an application form or contact number so I can get started straight away. Thankyou :)

  5. I have recently moved to the Brecon area and would like to work as a volunteer with animals.
    Can you please let me know if there are any opportunities available.
    Thank you

  6. Dear Volunteering With Animal,
    I am Callan Taverner a student from Great Baddow High School and the class I am in are doing a project about animals. We would love to come and help at a Essex Based Rescue Centre.
    We would like to learn about the animals and how to look after them too. The project is for our GCSE the name of the project is Animal 101 @ Baddow. Have you got any videos or flyers you could to help learn about what you do.
    Would you be able to help us.
    Kind regards Callan Taverner

  7. i would like to work voulteering with dogs and iam quite able to look after them and i lived in newent and i think a be quite good with them i did had two little shit tuz before they put down and i will miss them and i like dogs so much.

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