Help us to find more volunteers for UK animal rescues by displaying our poster in your local area.

It’s an easy way to make a big difference! Please print our posters then ask your local vets, pet shops, newsagents, supermarkets etc. if you can display one on their notice board.

We have a few designs to choose from. All these posters should print fine at small and large sizes, from A6 to A3+

Volunteering with animals - poster 1 Animal transporters needed - poster 2 Dog fosterers needed - poster 3

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  1. Hi there. I live in glasgow city centre and I would love to volunteer with dog walks or any dog tjings but fund raising and transporting as I have no car. Could you please help me get involved? The website is not as clear. Where im glasgow could I help etc?
    Thank you very much ,

    • Hi Angela, sorry for my delay replying. When volunteers register on our animal rescue volunteer forum they let us know their location and what they’d like to help with, specifically – fostering, transporting and homechecking. We then add the volunteer to our database for their area and whenever a rescue requests help nearby we send out a message to all the volunteers registered in that area to see if they can help.

      Transporting is an easy way to get involved. Dogs, cats and other rescue animals regularly need moving from kennels or a home in to rescue or to a foster home etc. and volunteers help with, sometimes forming a transport chain of multiple volunteers if it’s a long journey. This especially applies to the work we do with stray dogs from the pound, many of whom have been saved from a serious risk of euthanasia. We help to get them in to rescue so that they can be rehomed.

      Other types of volunteering can also be arranged on the forum such as fundraising, raising awareness etc.

      Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you’re interested please do come and register on the forum –


  2. Have only owned cats before, now thinking about owning a dog! Would like to volunteer in some way, am time rich as now retired.

    Please advise!

    Sheila Whyte
    Coupar Angus

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