Animal Rescue Volunteer news from Rescue Helpers Unite – September 2014

We’re working on new features for RHU to build a stronger community and make things as easy and quick as possible for volunteers and rescues to work together. (We’re open to suggestions too, just get in touch.)

RHU_newsletterOur new email newsletter

We’re going to be sending out regular newsletters to our members to keep everyone up to date on changes and improvements and also important rescue appeals, fundraisers and other bits and bobs.

If you’re registered on RHU (and you haven’t changed the ‘admin emails’ setting in your control panel) you’ll automatically receive our newlstter. If you’re not yet registered, go ahead and sign up to the forum to be automatically subscribed to the newsletter.

facebook_twitterRHU on Facebook & Twitter

We now share some rescue requests for homechecks, transport, fostering and assessments on our social network accounts, along with our posts about animals for adoption and rescue appeals.

Make sure to follow us so that you can keep an eye on rescue requests and offer your help if you see something pop up in your area.

It can also be incredibly helpful to share and retweet posts to your friends and followers. Please share where possible! Thank you.

home-noticeAre you new to RHU and haven’t got started yet?

Log in to see if there’s anything you can get involved with.

We always have lots of volunteering opportunities and if you’re unsure on anything, just ask on the forum and we can help you.

Not a new member but not active for a while?
If you’ve been an RHU member for a while but never really got started on the forum, or perhaps you’ve been active in the past but haven’t been able to help for a while – come and visit us again and let’s see what we can do TOGETHER to help animals!

You don’t have to make a huge committment, we know how busy life can be. You can help with as much or as little as you’d like – it all counts towards helping animals.

Thank you for your support…

The Rescue Helpers Unite animal rescue community is now in it’s 6th year of existence and together we’ve helped THOUSANDS of rescue animals – fantastic!

A huge thank you to all of our members old and new for your incredible hard work and your continued support.

The UK’s rescue animals need YOU!

As always, there’s still a lot of homeless and abandoned animals out there needing our help and there’s plenty of different ways to get involved in rescue.

Whether it’s transporting that timid cat to her new home, fostering that scruffy dog that was picked up as a stray, or visiting a home in your local area to chat with them about adoption – these are the actions that can help to save lives and make sure our rescue animals are being rehomed safely.

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