Voluntary work with dogs

The majority of the requests we receive from UK rescues are for help with dogs and cats.

Dog fostering and dog transporting are the most requested, together with finding ‘rescue backup’ for dogs that have ended up in the pound.

Volunteering with dogs

If you’re a dog lover, volunteering with dogs is a great way to help rescues and have some fun at the same time!

Dog transporters needed

Rescue dogs often need transport to move in to rescue from the Local Authority pounds or from private homes, or transport from a rescue in to foster care.

Volunteer dog transporters provide much needed support for rescues, and without them many dogs wouldn’t get the rescue help they need.

As rescues are based all over the country, sometimes dogs will need long distance transport. We often put together transport ‘chains’ involving multiple volunteers.

Can I transport dogs?

If you have a driving license, access to a vehicle and the ability to safely handle a dog – yes you can volunteer to transport dogs.

We recommend that dogs are secured during transit, either in the boot, in a crate or using a harness on the back seat.

Volunteer dog transporters should not bring other animals or young children along for the ride. This might be distressing for the dog and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Register now (it’s free) to see all dogs in need of volunteer transport

Dog fosterers needed

We’re urgently in need of more dog fosterers. This involves caring for a rescue dog in your home until his or her new home is found.

Fostering dogs – why it’s needed

Every year, thousands of dogs end up homeless throughout the UK. Dog rescues large and small take responsibility for these dogs and find new homes for them.

Many of the smaller UK animal rescues do not have premises of their own. They work with a network of volunteer fosterers who care for the animals in their own homes.

This keeps costs down and often works out better for animals that are used to a home environment, rather than them staying in rescue kennels or commercial boarding kennels, which can be a distressing change for some animals, especially dogs.

Am I able to foster dogs?

Probably yes but it does depend on your situation. A love of dogs is a must, and common sense always comes in handy!

Ideally you will not be away from the home for more than 4 hours each day (or you should be able to check in on the dog during the day if you are out of the house), as dogs shouldn’t be left alone for long periods.

Having other animals or small children in the home does not mean you cannot help. Many rescue dogs are absolutely fine to live with animals and kids. (Always make the rescue aware of the people/pets in your home when offering to foster, and always find out if the dog is suitable for your home and family)

Register now (it’s free) to see all dogs in need of volunteer foster care

Fostering dogs in need of extra TLC

Most dogs coming through the rescue system are happy and healthy and have ended up homeless through no fault of their own.

However, we often see dogs in rescue care after being abused or mistreated by their owners. A dog may be injured, underweight, overweight, may need basic training or have behavioural issues or sometimes even aggression issues.

You should always think carefully if offering to foster a dog with any issues. Consider whether you have the necessary experience and proper guidance from the rescue so that you can properly bring the dog back to full health, ready for rehoming.

The staff and members at Rescue Helpers Unite will always be available to offer advice and assistance if you need us, and the rescue should definitely be your first port of call if you have any queries or problems.

There are loads of dogs in need of foster homes right now! Could you open your heart and home to one of them? Register as a volunteer to help foster rescue dogs

Volunteer dog walking

By volunteering as a dog walker you can help rescue dogs get more exercise and have some fun!

If a rescue dog is being cared for in kennels, they might not always get long, luxurious walks out and about in the local area, but every dog deserves a good walk, even the homeless ones.

Register and post on the volunteer forum to see if any rescues in your area have requested help with dog walking, or use our animal rescue directory to find a dog rescue in your area and contact them to ask if they’re in need of any help from volunteer dog walkers.

Helping poundies and ‘death row dogs’

Every Local Authority in the UK has a responsibility to care for stray and abandoned dogs in their area. Some house the dogs in their own privately run kennels, some use commercial boarding kennels or outsource to commercial dog warden companies and some use local rescue kennels.

If a dog has not been reclaimed within 7 days, or if a dog has been handed in to the pound by it’s owner, the Local Authorities then have the right to rehome (or sell) the dog, pass the dog on to another organisation such as a rescue, or, they can euthanise the dog (over 7,000 dogs are euthanised by UK Local Authorities each year and even more in Ireland).

Volunteers work with many kennels (also known as dog ‘pounds’) to help move dogs out once their time is up, and to find suitable rescues to take the dogs.

These volunteers, (we call them ‘Pound Helpers’) usually visit the dogs, take photographs and details and then share the information with other organisations, such as on our forum, until an offer of rescue ‘backup’ is received and the dog can then be moved on to rescue.

UK dog pounds

Some areas of the UK are much worse than others in terms of their stray dog numbers and their attitude towards rescue and dog euthanisation.

If you’re interested in doing more to help the poundies in your area, it’s recommended that you register on our forum to see if anyone is already working with your Local pound. If so, they will likely appreciate any assistance you can give.

If no one knows of any help being given in your area already, you should definitely contact your local pound or your Local Authority to see if they will accept your help. Dog & animal warden details should be available on your Local Authority’s website. (Find your Local Authority’s website address)

We hope this post helped to provide a basic guide about volunteering with dogs. We’ll be posting more in-depth information soon but feel free to post a comment below if you’ve got any queries and don’t forget to check out our mini-site all about dog fostering.

72 thoughts on “Voluntary work with dogs

  1. hi this is Amy I would like to volunteer I am 12 years old I would like to do this or work Experians when I am older so I can be a vet or work for the RSPCA I love Animals I have two of my own which are rabbits and they are called Ron and max I did have a cat but unfortunately he died of old age and everything shut down in his body but I would like to help animals I love dogs me grandparents have one he is really cute he is a Shetland sheep and called misty hope I am not to young

  2. Hi im Ellie and i am 12 and a half years old i live in Mintlaw Aberdeenshire and i would love to be a dog walker or animal carer because i am really responsible , i can walk really long distances , i also really love animals and i have experience with animals as i have a cat so i know the responsibility to look after an animal. Im able to do this all evenings except Tuesdays i am free all day Saturday and Sunday. Another reason i would love to volunteer is because i would like to be a vet and want to have alot of experience with animals. Im okay with all animals especially cats and dogs i have not had much experience with other animals though im okay dealing with them. I would be okay doing other things like feeding , training , bathing , walking and playing with animals.
    Thanks ,
    Ellie :)

  3. Hi
    Im Vittoria, 22 years old.
    I love dogs and i have always been in contact with them. I have 3dogs but in Italy so I would like spend my free time to help them, dog walking or kennel work. I live in fulham, london.
    Thank you

  4. hi i am Laura, i am 14 years old and i love dogs, i have had a few of dogs in my life but at the moment i cant afford a dog. i would love to volunteer and i am doing duke of edingburgh so i need to do some volunteery work. I live in birmingham in the uk. I hope you can get back to me soon

  5. Hi ,my daughter is a responsible 12 year old(soon to be 13) who has expressed an overwhelming interest in animals (especially dogs) as she has been growing up .We have pets of our own which she cares for ,including 2 dogs ,2 rabbits…and has proven to have expressed great interest and love for.Her paramount thoughts are all about animals ,and there safety/wellbeing…
    We would love to receive any information regarding volunteer work in Cheshire(Northwich) of a weekend .many thanks .

  6. I am wanting to do Volenteer work with dogs. I am 12 years old turning 13 in April. I would be doing it with my friend who is 13. I want to be a vet when I am older and I love dogs so it would be nice to get to work with them. I already have black Labrador and a rabbit. I am from mersyside. Hope I am not to young and that there is a job for me and my friend??
    Thank you x

  7. Hello, my name is Angie and I am 13 years old (I hope I am not too young!). I want to become a vet when I am older and a vet said to me that getting the experience and doing volunteer work at my age will help me later on. I live in Sutton and I was hoping you could notify me if there are any places that allow me to work with animals as all the places I know have either a high age limit or are quite far away! If not, I would like to know if you would allow me to work in your organisation. I am very committed especially when it comes to dogs and other animals. I have owned a dog in the past so I am confident around them and it would be a pleasure for me to train, walk or socialise with dogs of any kind. I also do not mind working with dogs with certain conditions as I believe that every dog should be loved and treated the same whether they have a condition or are different from other dogs.

    Kind regards,

  8. Hi guys (:

    I am looking to do some volunteer work, anything to do with animals in Great Barr or within five miles from here. I am free pretty much everyday, all day. Would be much appreciated if someone could reply if they need help or know of anyone that would need help, or even suggest sites to help me volunteer. Thank you!!!

  9. Hello, I’m Jessica, i am 19.
    I love dogs, I have always had dogs since I was born, and now living abroad, i would like to give one help to help dogs preferably as kennel work or dog walking. I live in manor house. I am available about three mornings a week from Monday to Thursday, because in the afternoon/evening i start work.

    i am waiting a prompt reply from you.

  10. Hi
    I am erin and im 12. I love animals. I would love it if I could dog walk or play with puppies and other dogs. I think every dog should have a chance to have a good life small or big, home or no home every dog should have a good life especially ones who have been neglected and have been treated badly.
    Could you please send the details for the kent and donegal centres please

  11. Hey , im 21 years old and live in millbrook southampton , i love animals .. alot and would love to help them … i have no sense of smell so i would be a great choice for cleaning out their mess ect, just looking for a chance :) , thank you

  12. To everyone who has commented and not yet had a reply – thank you so much for your interest! We are truly grateful. I have struggled to keep up with replying to comments here on the blog lately so do feel free to visit our forum – http://forum.RescueHelpersUnite.co.uk and post there where there is an active community and more people available to answer your queries. Please do get involved! Thanks =)

  13. Hi I’m a 13 year old girl. I LOVE All Animals espesially dogs and horses but will work with all. I live in Colchester Essex England and am looking for vollenteer work within 2 miles that i can do at weekends and possibly after school. I’m looking for a hands on experence EG, walking, grooming, socilising, feeding, playing anything unfortunetly i can’t foster so anything in a care sanctury.
    If any one can anwser i will be gratefull and awaiting your anwsers
    Thank you

  14. Hello
    Britt and I would love to walk dogs.
    Give them that extra freedom to run and live there life. We have walked dogs before but never together, Britt used to work with her aunts dog and i, charlotte work with my neighbours dog, Muffin.
    But none of the websites say the age you can start.
    We would like to know this because we are only 14 &13.
    We are very responsible and we are big animal lovers.
    We are willing to walk dogs and brush or just take care of them. We would love to work with rescues, we have a great passion for this job and we will only be able to work with them on fridays (after school) and on saturdays since both of us have a busy schedule. We both own 2 cats and Britt also owns two share Horses and two Rabbits.

    Charlotte (14) & Britt (13)

  15. Hello
    Britt and I would love to walk dogs.
    Give them that extra freedom to run and live there life.
    But on none of the website say the age you can start.
    We would like to know this because we are only 14 &13.
    We are very responsible and we are big animal lovers.
    We are willing to walk dogs.
    Charlotte & Britt

  16. Hello I am interested in helping out for you as I love animals, I’ve got a crazy one myself. I live in Nottinghamshire

  17. Hi,

    I live in Surrey in South London and I am interested in getting involved and helping dogs. If there is anything available in my area, please let me know.


    Amber-rose Buckfield

  18. Hi,

    My name is Salvo and I am 29yr old.

    I love all animals and specially dogs, I have always been in contact with them since I was born basically. Unfortunately my dog is Italy with my family at the moment so I would gladly spend my free time on week ends to help them, either Dog walking or kennel work. I live in north london.

  19. Hi my names Natasha and i am interested in doing some dog walking, i am 17 years old and a student at college. I have 6 pets all together 2 dogs and one is a rescue dog. I live in Ashton-in-Makerfield and i am really interested in helping out with the dogs as i just love dogs and will do anything to help them.

  20. Hello!
    I have done some volunteer work as a dog walker in another country. I would like to know where can I do it at the Manchester area!
    Those moments are precious and unbelievably rewarding :)
    I’m searching for a job, but want to make time for this, it is worth it!
    I await your reply.
    Thank you!

  21. Hi there I’m very interested in helping out and working with animals, I live in Sevenoaks and own a car so I can travel around easily. If you could send me any information I would really appreciate it, thanks.

  22. Hello.
    My name is Diana and I love working with animals especially dogs. I am almost ready to do anything in the sort of walking, taking care of them, feeding them or anything else. I am 15 years old and I am currently studying but I am free almost every weekend and some of the weekdays as well! If I could volunteer it would be great news to hear.
    Thank you.

  23. Hi, i live in warrinfton and i am doing my duke of edinburgh bronnze award. I was wondering if i could do dog walking. I am 14 years old and have experience with walking dogs as I have my own labradoodle. I will have to do this for 3 months. If you could get back to me as soon as possible that would be great.

  24. I’m 15, I live in Birmingham but I am able to travel to areas within 5 miles or so. I’m looking for any volunteer work with animals, don’t mind what kind of animals I’ve had experience with horses, small furries, dogs and cats.

  25. My name is lucy roberts l am 14 years old I will be 15 in may and I am interested in dog walking coz I am a dog lover I walk my nannas dogs she has 2 jack russels I live near harpuray and I would really enjoy the experience

    thanks you

  26. Hi, I would like to know if there are any jobs I can do for you from maybe designing things to caring for the animals. I am a 10 year old girl and very, very mature. I love animals more than anyone else who has asked you. I live in Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Please, please come back with a positive answer. I have tried loads of shelters and they’ve all said no. :(

    Many thanks,
    Brooke :)

    • I may not be able to have a parent with me though because she has arthritis and can’t walk very far. I hope this doesn’t make my possibility go down.

      Many thanks again :),

      Brooke :)

  27. Hello, I am 12 and a half years old and I am very passionate about animals (especially dogs and cats). I want to become a vet when I am older so I believe that experience is very important before I pursue vet career. I have owned a golden labrador in the past and have experienced the commitment and time needed. I would really like to bring the memories back of what it was like to own a dog.
    My parents support me. I am also happy with any other jobs involving animals.
    Thank you,
    Charlshalton Beeches, Surrey

  28. hello my name is kelsee and im 14 in febuary i would like to register aboutdog walking i have a passion for dogs and all pets i have a dsog my self but im not allowed to walk her because she backs out her lead and runs where ever she can. i live in london in hounslow i hope you can write back to me soon thanks

  29. Hi please could someone get in touch with me about volunteering, I work shifts as I work for the NHS so I have alot of spare time.
    I did ring Leigh dogs and cats home but they said they don’t take volunteers on as you need to be insured.
    I live in the Leigh, but have a car so can travel.
    I’m happy to help out in any way, I also saw on someone’s message about puppy walking for the guide dogs and in Leigh I have seen lots of people training guide dogs.
    So like I said in anyway I am happy to help .
    I have got a dog myself I have a 5 year old english bull terrier called Milo xx
    Thank you

    • Hi Amanda, my name is June, and I saw your message re volunteering for dog walking. I also live in Leigh, so wondering if you had any response, and who I could contact locally to get involved. Thanks so much.

  30. Good Afternoon,
    I am interested in volunteer dog walking. I love animals and would like the opportunity to be able to give my free time up to help them. I am currently looking into applying to study becoming a Veterinary Medical Assistant and would like to start by gaining volunteer work experience. I live in Ealing, London W13 9DE and was curious if you knew anyone in my area I could volunteer with? At the moment I work between the hours of 8-6pm Mon-Fri with one scheduled Saturday shift working 9-1pm so I would have lots of time in the evenings or on weekends to help! I look forward to your reply! Kind Regards, – Kelsey Macleod

  31. I am 15 and doing bronze Duke of Edinburgh so I am looking to volunteer as a dog walker, my parents are fine with me walking dogs alone, but am I to young??
    I live in south Lincolnshire

  32. I am a 19 year old girl with a passion for dogs.

    I live in London, Nw4 area and has owned dogs all my life, I currently own a dog and would love to volunteer to walk some dogs or look after small dogs (foster carer) I have a lot of free time on my hands.

    Would love to hear back from you,

  33. Hi my name is Immy and I am currently taking part in my bronze d of e. I absolute love dogs and so the opportunity for me to do my volunteering part of the award with them is something I can’t turn down! I, however, would only be able to do help at weekends and after 11.30 so I was wondering if there was any way I could do it?
    Thank you very much,
    Immy, 14, birmingham

  34. Hi team

    My name is Merika, I am 15 years old and will turn 16 in April. I have had a passion for Animals since the age of 4 and this continues to the point that I am now hoping to study Pet Management at colleage. I have two dogs of my own, that I am proud to say I have trained very well. I also do dog walking for a family with two large and one medium size dog.

    I have always had pet (fish, frogs, hamsters) and even looked after a snake for a few days.

    The problem I am experiencing is that most places will not allow me to be a volunteer until 16 or 18 years old, which is sad because I am a very committed, caring and passionate young adult.

    I am able to provide reference for my dog walking a baby sitting experiences.

    Please can you offer any help

    Many thanks

  35. l live in oldbury,birmingham,and have alot of sparetime to volunteer.
    l’m studying at the moment but will be finishing soon & wanted to do some volunteering to work with animals,if thats possible

  36. Hello, my name is Lizzie I am 17 and live in the Ashton area in Greater Manchester. I am really interested in doing some voluntary work with dogs as I am hoping to go down the route of being a dog handler for the police or prison service in the near future. Therefore i would really love to try and get some experience of working with and spening my time with dogs. I am a very kind and caring person and i have a lot of energy for going on long walks and playing. I would be very greatful if you could maybe give me some details of how I could get in involved with some sort of voluntary work or even if you know of any paid work such as working in dog kennels ect…
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  37. Hello,
    my name is Rachael and i am 14 years old me and my friend both have dogs and would love to help look after them but we can’t do foster care thanks

  38. I am interested in volunteering for dog walking or helping out with Poundies and Death Row dogs. I would really love to volunteer with animals, but a lot of charities only have options for 16s and over whereas I am 13. I’ve had plenty of experience with animals before, I have a dog (he’s called Buttons and he’s adopted from an animal charity called Many Tears), I regularly help out at my friend’s stables in Banstead. I would say I’m fairly responsible because I babysit as well.
    I’d be grateful for any response,

    Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, England

  39. Hi, I’m Ellen,
    I am very interested in volunteer dog walking. I walk my own dog and a few of my neighbours dogs during the day, each walk is from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.
    I am 15 (16 in March), still a student. I have a real soft spot for dogs and I love being with dogs and letting them have their own time and have a run around on walks (off the lead if they can be).
    This volunteer dog walking is a great opportunity for me.
    Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!

  40. i am 11 and am trying to get a career of a zoo keeper could i volunteer most places have rejected me if not it is OK i am mature and Love animals espeshely dogs my dad has a bissnes and 1 of his customer has a jack Russel i love to play with him and walk him
    from julia
    PS i live in Kingston upon themes

  41. hi I am called Lucy i am a sensible, mature 11 nearly 12 year old who loves Dogs. I live in Market Drayton Shropshire and i really want to help dogs. I have a dog of my own but she htes other dogs and i feel as if im missing out on all the doggy fun so i want a dog i can take care of walk, train and play with without worring if there are any dogs coming please help i will do anything please i want to help the soo much.

    from Lucy age 11 from Market Drayton Shropshire

  42. Hi, I’m Nikhil

    I would love to do some volunteer dog walking. I’m 14 years old, an avid dog lover and am currently doing my Duke of Edinburgh award. I own two dogs myself, and am a mature person. If you could consider me as a volunteer that would be wonderful.

    Many thanks,



  43. Hi,
    I’d love to volunteer in some way, such as dog walking or socializing animals. I don’t have any pets (although I used to), and I miss spending time with animals. It would be great to help out a good cause!
    Gillian, 17, Walsall, West Midlands

  44. Hey I’m 16 and I’m looking for some experience in working with animals because I want to go to university to study zoology and to get into the top uni’s it helps if I have relative work experience.

  45. Hi, I’m Charlie
    Me and my friend Olivia are interested in volunteer dog walking and other types of care. I have experience at working in a dog kennel/ pound. We are both 13 year old, still a student so we would need to fit around school hours but I have a real passion for animals, dogs and cats especially. Our parents are fine with us walking dogs on our own, but if you needed written permission that would be fine ( for insurance reasons ) . I hope we are not too young!

    Charlie R

  46. Hello, I’m Lauren.
    I’m interested in volunteer dog walking. I am 14 years old and I have two dogs of my own that I regularly walk three times a day. I have a real fondness for all types of animals and my parents don’t mind me walking my dogs on my own. I hope I’m not too young
    Stoke On Trent

  47. Hi I am looking to do some volunteer work with dogs in my areas which is Harlow in Essex can you let me know some dog rescues that need
    People to help thanks sue Dellow

  48. I am interested in caring for dogs. I already have a dog myself
    and would like to know if there is a need for dog/puppy walkers in my area.I live in Surrey.

  49. Hi, I’m 17, live in Ashford, Kent and I’m starting college in September to do animal management and am looking for voluntary work. I have been doing two hours a week voluntary work at my local vets for the past 9 months and am now looking for something new. Voluntary work is required for college and I’m very eager to work with animals anyway. I have owned many animals myself, from dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and rats and mice. I’m currently completely free until I start college so have a lot of time to fill. Open to any suggestions :)

  50. Evening all! Not quite sure if this is the right place to post but if not I’m sure somebody would point me in the right direction!

    I live on the Staffordshire/West midlands border and am interested in voluntering to do some dog walking. Because of my job it would be limited to weekends although I could look to committing to a weeknight in the future dependent on workload.

    In terms of experience I grew up with dogs and just don’t have one now because I’m out all day and it wouldn’t be fair on a dog (I am however desperate for one!) I love animals and really miss having a dog to walk so if I could be of any use to anywhere that would be great!

    Hopefully hear something soon! Thanks, Charlie :-)

  51. hi I’m kelly,
    I am interested in volunteer dog walking. i have 3 dogs of my own and im always talking them up the mountain and long walks. i would love to share this with other dogs that don’t get this chance. i have always loved dogs and would love to work with them.

  52. I’m 13 years old and looking for volunteering work with animals near Swindon I am happy to do anything such as dog walking, cleaning out cages or just general care of animals unfortunately we can’t have a dog at home because of my dad’s allergies to animals fur. Any suggestions would be great

  53. Hello, i’m Amber
    I’m interested in volunteer dog walking or anything to do with dogs really, Are there any places to volunteer in the Southampton/Romsey area?

  54. Hi my name is gill ,i am very interested in working with animals ie working in vets pra tice to assist the vets and the animals as in may be changing their kennels ,feeding,and even just sitting and giving the animal lots of love and attention whist they are getting better after treatment ie,operations etc .I am from the manchester area and would appreciate any advice regarding this matter ,many thanks

  55. Hi, I’m Rachael.
    I am interested in volunteer dog walking. I have my own dog walking business but its a bit low at this time of the year!
    I am a mature 11 year old, still a student but I Have a real passion for animals, dogs and cats especially. My parents are fine with me walking dogs on my own as, like I said, a mature 11. I hope I’m not too young!
    Isle of White

    • Hi Rachael, thanks for your comment. Wow, 11! You may be the youngest person we have had contact us about volunteering :)

      You will probably need an adult to accompany you as, for insurance and safety reasons, most rescues will need a parent or guardian to give permission.

      I don’t think we have any rescues registered that are based on the Isle of Wight unfortunately otherwise I would give you some contact details.

      All Animal Rescue – http://www.allanimalrescue.co.uk/ – have a sanctuary there, so it’s worth contacting them to ask if there’s any ways to help, but that is where their ‘hard to rehome’ animals go to live so they may not be suitable for walking. But you can ask and see what they say.

      I’ve just done a quick Google search for rescues on the Isle of Wight, here’s some links for rescues you could contact:


      And here’s a website/community about rescue dogs on the IoW – http://www.wightdogs.com/

      I hope that’s some help, good luck! Feel free to let us know how you get on. If you do start volunteering with any of the rescues you could always mention ‘Rescue Helpers Unite’ to them and maybe they will join us in the future :)

      Rescue Helpers Unite

      • Thanks. Sure that would be fine to have an adult to accompany (I see where your coming from.) I’ll ask my parents to check if any of the links have any places for voluntary dog walking.
        Thanks again

      • Hi, my name is Azura.
        I too am an 11 year old girl, I do not have my own dog as we have a very small house however I do have a lot of experience with dogs. I am eager to learn, love dogs and very responsible.
        I also have a kitten so I understand the duties of looking after an animal. My parents approve and they understand that they would have to accompany me.

        Thanks, Azura

    • hiya I wood love to do your dog walking im intrested in all animals, I was just wondering where abouts are you and if your far do you know other rescue centers near to me I love animals I have 5 hamsters and 2 guinia pigs and 2 rabbits

  56. I am interested in volunteering my services for dog walking, socializing puppies and generally giving TLC to unwanted dogs that have been neglected. I am a dog owner myself and its just something i feel i would enjoy

  57. I have plenty of time on my hands and i have a passion for animals so it would be fab if i could get some voluntary work in working with them.I live in Fleetwood Lancs.
    I await your reply.
    Thank you Angie

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