Over 10,000 animals helped by RHU volunteers since 2007!

Our latest count up of ‘successful cases’ shows that well over 10,000 animals have been helped via Rescue Helpers Unite since it’s creation in December 2007.


What a great result! Huge thanks to all the volunteers and rescues in the community, we couldn’t be more thrilled and we’re so grateful to everyone for doing their bit and contributing to this group achievement.

This has been achieved by volunteers offering their help for animal fostering and transporting, homechecking, fundraising and raising awareness for UK rescues.

About the poundies
Some of the threads included in our ‘successful cases’ section on the forum (this is where we count up our total successful cases) include multiple animals, usually the threads for poundies in need of backup. This is when a group of dogs are in a local authority ‘pound’ and rescue backup has been found via Rescue Helpers Unite.

We work with many dedicated ‘pound helpers’ who specialise in helping dogs in the pound, by communicating with rescues to organise backup, helping with transport and sometimes even paying fees for neutering and vaccinating etc.

This is an inspiring figure to see – 10,000 animals – but it also goes to show just how many animals are in need of help. There are still lots of requests that we don’t have the volunteers and resources to cover so as always – WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!

If you can help in any way, please do come and sign up as a volunteer, and together we can help even more animals!

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